Lifting Equipment Inspection
Crane Inspection

Lifting Equipment and Acessories Inspection

INSPECTECH is a trusted brand for inspection and certification of Lifting Equipment. We inspect and certify all variety of lifting equipment as per British Standards (LOLER & PUWER). By the successful completion of thorough examination, INSPECTECH issues Certificates for the lifting equipment valid for six months or one year depending upon the type and technical status of the equipment. Reject Reports are being issued for the equipment not acceptable.
• Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
• Functional Testing
• Performance Testing
• Proof Load Testing

Lifting Equipment and Machines

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane
Gantry Crane
Lorry Loader Crane
Offshore Crane
Portal Crane
Slewing Jib Crane
Side Boom Crane
Tower Crane
Monorail Crane
Underhung Crane
Offshore Pedestal Crane
Construction Hoist (Materials and Passengers
Mast Climbing Platform
Mobile Elevating Work Platform
Suspended Access Cradle Building Maintenance Unit
Self-Propelled Variable Reach Truck
Counter Balance Forklift
Telehandler Forklift Vehicle, Mobile and Movable Lift
Pallet Truck Hand Operated
Man Riding Basket
Personnel Carrier
Runway Beam Back Hole Loader
Wheel Loader
Skid Loader
Roller Compacter
Drilling Rig
Trailer Truck
Concrete Mixer
Low Bed Trailer Truck

Lifting Accessories

Chain Block
Lever Hoist
Pulley Block
Snatch Block
Hand Operated Winch
Manual Geared Trolley
Jaw Winch
Chain Sling
Hoist Ring, Connecting Links
Swivels, Master Links, Hooks
Wire Rope Sling
Webbing Sling
Shackles (Alloy Steel)
Shackles (Forge Steel)
Wire Rope (Steel)
Beam Clamp, Spreader Beam
Bars, Frame, Vacuum Lifting
Magnetic Lifting Devices
Plate Clamp
Offshore Container
Frame Skid for Transportation
Skip, Tool Boxes, Cylinder Racks
Bundle Puller Lifting Points only
Eye Bolts / Eye Nuts / Universal
Turn Buckle and Rigging Screw
Jack Industrial Rollers
Air Casters Jumbo Bag
Full Body Harness
Personnel Protective Equipment against fall from height