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About Us

INSPECTECH is proudly serving in the sectors of inspection and testing related to the fields of oil, gas, power, petrochemical and processing industry.
INSPECTECH was established in 2016 in order to become an overvalued asset in Pakistan. We are pleased to introduce our company to support the industrial product and services of local industry requirements. As a complete calibration services provider with the capability to support all manufacturers and instrument types, Inspectech offers a single point of contact for all instrument calibration, mass calibration, and administration needs. We are proudly serving in the field of engineering services including calibration, testing, third-party inspection, lifting equipment inspection, NDE services and certification, training, assessment, supply and maintenance facilities.

Our objectives are tailored exquisitely to meet all our users’ requirements. Over the years, we have developed an understanding of our customer needs and dedicated ourselves to be the best at all times at what we do for their full satisfaction.

We would like to welcome you to be a part of our promising services. We believe that we will continue to evolve as a truly great company.

Mission Statement

INSPECTECH, I-Tech. is committed to maintaining unsurpassed technical knowledge, customer satisfaction, trust, and integrity by delivering quality services conforming to industry best practices and continuous process improvement.
INSPECTECH, a veteran-owned business, has provided clients with unparalleled access to hundreds of highly-skilled technical specialists worldwide.
We would like to take this opportunity to provide a brief synopsis of the services provided by our professional and diverse staff that has decades of combined quality assurance experience. We match personnel and skills to each client’s specific needs.

Core Values

Attention to Detail, Professionalism, and Integrity are the Core Values at Inspectech. We make sure that the customer needs are met using these Core Values of our company.

We guarantee you that we will provide only the most qualified and certified Inspectors, Managers, and Consultants for your needs.

Integrity and Ethics

We act with good faith, honesty and fairness.
We do what we say we will do.
We state our contracts and actions clearly and deliver them accordingly.
We follow company policies and processes.
We respect confidentiality of business and personal information.
We respect local and international ethics and professional standards.
We provide information, instruction and training as necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of our teams.
We are all required to meet our health and safety duties and responsibilities at work.