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What is meant by OH & S Plan for proposed / Specific contract and how can you aim to design that document ?
23 September 2019 - 11:37, by , in Occupational Health and Safety, No comments


Lately, I have come across an inquiry in which I had to design and submit a document named "OH&S plan" and that should be related to that proposed / specific contract against which we were going to execute the Job.


There were some ambiguities regarding what other party needs to be informed with so I put that question into Linkedin and got some feedback. Few responses were a bit vague but others elucidated the matter which made the requirements of the document very clear. Some of the responses which I consider beneficial for Professionals are stated below.




If it is in pre tender stage, the client was asking a collection of information about the significant health and safety risks (should be in proportion to the nature, size and level of health and safety risks involved in the project) and HSEMS of the construction project which your company will have to manage during the construction phase.

Joel Tango

A general OH&S Plan for proposed contract should include the following:

1. OHS Management System (Management commitment, OHS policies, Planning, Implementation & operation, Audits, review, etc.) 2. Organization chart 3. OHS training plan 4. Emergency response plan 5. OHS Activity schedule (meetings, inspections, management site-visits, emergency mock drills, internal audits, etc) 6. OHS report forms and formats 7. Waste management plan 8. Hazards & Effects Management Process (Risk Assessment based on all proposed work activities) These are some of the minimum contents of an OHS plan and further it depends on the client requirements as well as your regional legal obligations.

Nidhish Sekhar

OH&S Plan is your implementing documents that contains, policies, roles a and responsibilities, procedures, reports, emergency procedures etc. It is a separate documents from you OS& H Manual.

Edidiong udah

Content Includes

Scope, Objective, Follow your procedure standard sequence, Emergency Contact Details, Site Safety, HSE Induction, Emergency Number, Site, Safety Rule, Contact Person, Assembly Area, Job Specific instructions, work permit, loto etc, Site Mobilization / Demobilization, Incidents /Accidents reporting.

Akif Ali

  • What do you think about OH & S Plan for a specific contract, Do enlighten us with your valuable comments.


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